Professional printing preparation house. Poznan, Wielkopolska, Poland

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Graphic Design Studio DTP

Graphics Design Studio

We design and make: leaflets, folders, catalogs, newsletters, brochures, newspapers, calendars, posters, letterheads, business cards, blocks, binders, briefcases, envelopes, labels, packaging, stickers and others. We have workstations on PC and MAC platforms.

The electronic editing allows for a simple composition of pages consisting of texts, photos and graphics, as well as the implementation of extremely advanced photomontages.

Drum scanning

Imposition is the placement of finished pages or usages on the target format of a printing machine, including the method of printing and binding, i.e. creating the so-called bookbinding premiums.

We scan on a high-quality ScanView drum scanner ScanMate 11000 that allows you to enlarge a 35mm slide to B2 or medium format up to B1. The scanned image is normally retouched (removes small material impurities), cropping and color control on one of the best calibrator monitors: Barco Reference Calibrator.

Digital photos

Digital photography is the immediate taking of photos in a form ready for publication on the Internet or printing. For photos we use the OLYMPUS E-410 digital SLR. This is a professional camera that allows you to take both studio photos with a shadowless tent, as well as outdoor photos.

We consult and evaluate projects before sending them to production as well as projects received by companies from competitions and tenders. We assess the technical and substantive usefulness of the materials provided. If necessary, we recommend specialists - designers. We supervise the design, we are responsible for compliance with the assumptions.


We organize the entire editing process from a text editor and photographer through a DTP studio and proofreader to a webmaster. In the printing production, we conduct and supervise all stages of creating the final product. We are responsible for the technical level of the work performed. We extend our consultancy, depending on the company's needs, to include agency activities. In this way, we save the client's time when performing tasks that he does not deal with on a daily basis.

Pricelist of SCANNING

(net price in PLN)

CMYK files up to 4 MB (minimal size)   8.00
GRAY files up to 2.5 MB (minimal size)   5.00
Each 0.1 MB more than minimal size   0.20

Pricelist of STUDIO WORKS

(net price in PLN)

One hour of operator work in any application PC or MAC  98.00


(net price in PLN)

The quantity of pictures: 1-4 5-10 more
RGB (Internet) (price for one picture)  8.00  7.00  6.50
CMYK (Printing) (price for one picture) 16.00 14.00 13.00

Technical specification of ScanMate 11000 scanner

Originals Transparencies or reflectives in color, gray scale or line art,
positive or negative, with or without existing screen
Scanning area 220 x 303 mm
Scan resolution 50 - 11000 dpi
Optical density range up to 4.0 D
Color resolution 14 bits
Software ColorQuartet (scanning and separation)
Output format Line art, Grey, RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome

Technical specification of Olympus E-410

Sensor Live MOS 10,9 Mp
Image sizes 3648 x 2736 pixels (28,6MB)
The size of the photograph to be used in printing 30,9 x 23,2 cm (300dpi)
Sensitivity 100 .. 1600 ISO
Shutter speed 1/4000 .. 60 s, bulb
File formats JPEG, RAW
Lens Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6
(equivalent 28 .. 84 mm)
Aperture values Wide: 3,5 .. 22,0
Tele: 5,6 .. 22,0
Focus range 0,25 .. m